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"Voyage to a Bright Future: Adventures Brought by English School for Children"


"Voyage to a Bright Future: Adventures Brought by English School  for Children"
"Voyage to a Bright Future: Adventures Brought by English School  for Children"


2023年11月25日 20:00 – 21:00



🔍 Theme: "What English Classrooms Can Do for Japanese Children"

🌐 During the event, Mr. Nagasaka is going to  eager to delve into the world of English education, exploring what English schools can achieve and discussing the evolving demands in this field. Drawing from his experiences in a foreign-affiliated manufacturing company, as an educator, and in the private sector working on Official Development Assistance (ODA), He'll share insights into the crucial role of English education.  He is  also going to introduce the innovative 5-Round System, a method involving a comprehensive review of textbooks in five rounds. This method aims to enhance the depth and effectiveness of English education.

We will delve deep into the roles and possibilities that English schools  can play for Japanese children. 

We also aim to facilitate exchange and sharing of ideas among participants! 🗣️💬

📅 Date and Time: November 25, 2023 (Saturday) 20:00~21:00 

📍 Location: ZOOM (Link will be sent to registered participants) 

🚀 A new adventure towards the future begins! The information and ideas you'll gain from this event will be treasures for those running English classrooms. Please join us! 🌐🌟

Let's make this event a fantastic opportunity to contribute to the future of children together! If you're interested, please invite your friends and join us. We look forward to meeting all of you! 🌟🌈

Guest Speaker: Mr. Jun Nagasaka

After graduating from a high school in Canada, Mr. Nagasaka attended the Faculty of Literature at Kinki University. During his university years, he studied abroad at the University of Winchester in the UK. After graduating, he worked for a foreign-affiliated company, initially in sales and later in strategy and sales planning at the headquarters. Subsequently, he worked as an English teacher at a girls' school in a comprehensive junior and senior high school, where he developed a unique model focusing on English education for junior high school students called the "6-Skill Model" (5 Round System). Currently, he is involved in private philanthropy and works in ODA (Official Development Assistance), contributing to infrastructure development in developing countries. Co-author of "Ireland-Japan Connections and Crossing: Celebrating sixty-five years of diplomatic relationships.

"🔍 テーマ: "英語教室が日本の子供たちにできること"

🌐 このイベントでは、英語教育のエキスパート、永坂潤さんが英語教室でできることやこれから求められることと併せてお話していただきます。外資系メーカー、教員、民間企業でのODAの3つの経験から見る英語教育の重要性についてもお話ししてくださいます。また教科書を5周する5ラウンドシステムのメソッドについてもお伺いします。



📅 日時: 2023年11月25日(土) 20:00~21:00📍 場所: ZOOM(リンクはイベントに登録された方にお送りします)

🚀 未来への新しい冒険が始まります!このイベントで得られる情報やアイデアは、英語教室を運営する皆さんにとって宝物となることでしょう。ぜひご参加ください!🌐🌟



*永坂潤さん 経歴


共著 Ireland-Japan Connections and Crossing: Cerelrating sixty-five years of diplomatic relationships


  • Voyage to a Bright Future!

    Event Zoom Link "Voyage to a Bright Future: Adventures Brought by English Classrooms for Children" "輝く未来への航海: 英語教室がもたらす子供たちの冒険" 時刻: 2023年11月25日 08:00 PM 参加 Zoom ミーティング ミーティング ID: 840 0079 1789 パスコード: 218090





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